5 Data-Driven Email Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

Source: amplitude.com 

Using data to build better products and companies is an ever-changing science. You have to always confront your assumptions and learn if you want to succeed. Whether you’re an industry veteran or starting from scratch, it always pays to get advice from the best of the best. Subscribing to email newsletters written by experts on growth and analytics is a great way to build a habit around this kind of learning. Here are five that stand out from the rest. Written by entrepreneurs, data scientists, growth marketers and venture capitalists, each one offers unique insight into the process of using data to make better decisions and build a better company. Brian Balfour’s monthly essays, published on his blog Coelevate, contain some of the best writing out there on growth and user acquisition. Subscribers to his email list get them in their inbox once a month before they go up on the site. Each essay dives into a part of his Scientific Method to growth and expands on how to implement each step. Balfour is one of the most experienced growth experts in the industry. He was VP of Growth of HubSpot for two years, where he led teams working on projects like Sidekick.

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