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Trump word association cloud in Tableau

Presidential elections and Donald Trump is a hot topic of discussion in the US right now so wouldn’t it be interesting to visualize what words people are associating ‘trump’ with? There are only two publicly available large data sets that can be queried for this analysis: twitter and reddit comments. For this visualization, I decided to use big query because of the ability to query by SQL and ready availability of data in BigQuery. BigQuery is Google’s cloud based massively parallel database with SQL interface with response time in seconds. Reddit poster who goes by fhoffa has made the word association SQL available in the /r/bigquery subreddit. The query returns the list of words “trump” is associated with compared to a baseline ( in this case, the words “common”, and “but”). The next task was to modify the query for ‘trump’ specific analysis, export the results in CSV and start the Tableau magic. How to create a word cloud in Tableau? The list of steps required to create a word cloud in Tableau are demonstrated in the attached animated GIF. BigQuery SQL The following SQL gets the frequency count of words appearing when someone mentions “trump” on Reddit. SELECT a.word, … Read more

Mustachian Lifestyle Dashboard

Mr. Money Mustache Calculator

A couple of year ago, I read an article on how a millionaire is made $10 bucks at time by Mr. Money Mustache and I couldn’t agree more. Quite often, we come across articles on how X number of dollars saved & invested every month turn into a large amount Y years later. So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice, if I could develop an interactive dashboard that will allow me to change all these savings parameters and see how much I will have saved after a certain number of years?  This dashboard is a result of those attempts. (link)  Assumptions & Methodology: The goal of the dashboard is to illustrate the impact of saving and immediately investing those savings in tax efficient and low cost investments ( e.g. index ETFs by Vanguard). To make this relevant for a majority of readers, I had to make some assumptions. We compare the effect of additional savings and investments against a baseline scenario. We assume a family with zero initial savings starts savings $10,000 dollars in cash and contributes another $10,000 in pretax retirement account including employer contributions. All of the savings are invested in the same month that they are realized and annual … Read more