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A couple of year ago, I read an article on how a millionaire is made $10 bucks at time by Mr. Money Mustache and I couldn’t agree more. Quite often, we come across articles on how X number of dollars saved & invested every month turn into a large amount Y years later. So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice, if I could develop an interactive dashboard that will allow me to change all these savings parameters and see how much I will have saved after a certain number of years?  This dashboard is a result of those attempts. (link)  Assumptions & Methodology: The goal of the dashboard is to illustrate the impact of saving and immediately investing those savings in tax efficient and low cost investments ( e.g. index ETFs by Vanguard). To make this relevant for a majority of readers, I had to make some assumptions. We compare the effect of additional savings and investments against a baseline scenario. We assume a family with zero initial savings starts savings $10,000 dollars in cash and contributes another $10,000 in pretax retirement account including employer contributions. All of the savings are invested in the same month that they are realized and annual … Read more