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Why we didn’t use a cartogram in the Brexit map

Are the brexit voting results better represented using a cartogram or choropleth map? In cartogram the topology, i.e. the relationship between object, is retained while the geometry, i.e. the shape of objects, is distorted. In this post Gregor Aisch from describes some drawbacks of cartogram and explains why a choropleth might be a better option.

Why choose? Scrollytelling & Steppers

Data storytelling can be designed by using a variety of techniques: scrolling, steppers, animations, etc. Like everything else in data viz, it’s not the one tool is better/worse. Rather it depends on finding the best technique for the situation and being cognizant of potential strengths/weaknesses. In this medium post, there are some guidelines and resources to make this selection with examples.

This cartoon explains why predicting a mass shooting is impossible

Can Data Science help predict the next mass shootings? In the wake of mass shootings, many people wonder how they could have been prevented. Were there warning signs that should have been heeded? Was the person mentally ill? Did he or she hold extremist views? The sad truth is that the only personal factors that reliably correlate with mass shooters are being young and male.