Introducing Graphic Continuum Flash Cards


The Graphic Continuum-our library of graphic types-has been available in and versions for about two years. It has helped countless people expand their graphic literacy and consider different visualization options for their data. For the past few months, and I have been creating a card deck based on the Graphic Continuum project. Each card in this set of 52-each card is 3″x4.5″-contains an original image on one side and description of the graph type on the other. We’ve derived the descriptions from our own research and Severino’s Data Visualisation Catalogue project. The cards are colored and categorized in our original 6 categories of Distribution, Time, Comparing Categories, Geospatial, Part-to-Whole, and Relationships. We felt that a set of cards would be useful for teaching, researching, or simply spurring your imagination. They are more portable than the poster and you can use them with your teams to work in a more analog way as you develop your data visualization ideas and approaches. As in the past, we haven’t captured every graph type, but we view this project as a thought-starter, as a way to consider different or alternative graphs for your data.

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